Improving the health of Orange County’s babies

It is well documented, that low-income, medically underserved women are at higher risk for delivering infants with poor birth outcomes and subsequent health and social problems. Poverty and lack of health insurance are significant factors that cause poor birth and maternal outcomes, pre-term labor and delivery, low birth weight, medical complications, gestational diabetes, maternal depression, and poor infant bonding. The short-term consequences of poor birth outcomes, combined with poverty and inadequate parenting, can set up the preconditions for a startling number of long-term consequences – including delayed cognitive development, poor grades, high teen pregnancy rates, high rates of gang affiliation, unemployment, and continued poverty. Poor birth and maternal outcomes have severe long-term ramifications and costs to the community but can be eliminated or reduced with programs provided by MOMS Orange County.

One key element to our approach is that our staff shares the same culture and language and are able to gain the trust and confidence of the mother because of the personalized relationship developed over time. This enables staff to observe a mother and her baby in their home on multiple occasions – allowing for unique opportunities to observe for potential developmental risks and health issues that can benefit from early interventions.

We have demonstrated through rigorous outside evaluation that our Maternal Child Health Coordination program is not only sound, but is bringing children in a highly disadvantaged population to health and developmental levels that exceed those set by the general U.S. population.

MOMS Orange County can provide one mother and her baby with a full range of services for less than $1,500 a year – a wise investment considering the life-long costs and consequences of poor birth outcomes and delayed infant development. Based on the most conservative estimates, every dollar invested in our programs saves the community $3.33 – this does not include the untold millions saved over a lifetime for just one infant with a poor birth outcome and/or developmental delays.

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